Why Our Fall Program is Your Smartest Choice

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The New York Nine takes a very specific approach when it comes to our fall baseball program. We believe the fall is a time for player development and an extra focus on academic success. We want players to learn both the skills needed to successfully play baseball and perform at showcases as they get older. We also know that without solid grades, athletic options become limited.

Our main focus at the “non-exposure” ages is the physical and situational development of our student-athletes. We base our structure on MLB fall instructs – where the organization invites their top prospects to work with their position specific coaches and development staff. This improves the individual player’s skill and understanding of game situations, as well as overall baseball acumen. We will have professional instruction and assessment provided by those with experience at the Major League level, pro scouting, collegiate and varsity high school level as well as high level training from our partner Juan Miguel Torres, the President and lead trainer at Grind Time Baseball Academy.

We are firm believers in the importance of education and achieving high scholastic marks possible, so we do not mandate any midweek activity in the fall, which allows our student-athletes to focus on their studies. We understand the importance of athleticism and participation in other fall sports, especially at the younger ages, and we encourage student-athletes to participate in other activities. As long as there is communication between player and the coach/organization there are no issues with multi-sport athletes in the fall.

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