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John Kruk“The New York Nine levels the playing field for student athletes from all backgrounds and social classes. With their commitment to academic and athletic success, national exposure to pro scouts and top colleges, and work to develop players socially and athletically, I fully stand behind and endorse the not-for-profit New York Nine.”
-John Kruk, ESPN Baseball Analyst
Testimonial, Mark johnson New York Nine“The New York Nine provide everything you could be looking for in a developmental program. They start with top notch coaching made up of former professional and college players, many of them Nine alumni who have previously benefitted from the program and have returned to give back to it. The Nine offer a nationally recognized playing schedule for all levels which affords their players the opportunity to play against the best from around the country and exposure to college and professional scouts which frequent these tournaments. Most importantly, the Nine understand the importance of academics and are committed to developing their players as well rounded student athletes.”
-Mark Johnson, Former New York Mets Player
“I am very proud to be an alumni of the New York Nine. The organization provided me with a foundation for success and a platform for the opportunity to continue playing baseball at the collegiate level. The dedication shown to me from the entire New York Nine staff helped motivate me academically, pushing me to continue my education far beyond what I believed possible. The end result was an outstanding experience playing baseball at a high level and a Master's Degree from Georgetown University. Without the New York Nine, I don't think I would have had the fortune of reaching such peaks in my life. I wholeheartedly endorse the New York Nine as one the nation's premier baseball programs, and look forward to continued involvement within the organization in the future.”
-Josh Herzenberg, Los Angeles Dodgers Scout & Coach
charlie_Barbieri“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian Millman over the past six years in numerous baseball endeavors, such as the Miami Marlins Scout Team. Ian has both a passion and knowledge for the game that is second to none. What separates Ian from most, is his commitment to helping student athletes excel both on the baseball field as wells as the classroom. He constantly stresses the importance of academics, as well as being an overall great person, not just a great baseball player.

As a professional scout, Ian is an outstanding evaluator of talent. He is able to communicate effectively to each student athlete on what it takes to get to the next level. Because of his connections in the game, Ian has had numerous college coaches, area scouts, and national cross checkers down to games to evaluate his players. He genuinely wants to see his players succeed more than anything.

Ian has a tireless work ethic and continually gives his time and effort to help other people get opportunities, without asking for anything in return. He is a true ambassador to the game of baseball.”
-Charlie Barbieri, Head Coach of SUNY Maritime

francisco-gracesqui“Playing for the New York Nine was a fantastic experience for me. During my time with the Nine, the coaches not only helped improve my baseball skills, but helped me think about how I would like to live my life outside of baseball. They prepared me to a professional both mentally and physically, which made the jump to pro ball much easier. Because of the help I was given back when I was playing here, it is my pleasure to give my time back to the players and families of the Nine.”
-Francisco Gracesqui, Former Toronto Blue Jays Prospect

brandon mcnelis“The New York Nine provided me the opportunity to play with and against the best talent in the area, maximizing my exposure to college and professional scouts. More important than the technical skills and baseball knowledge I picked up with the Nine was the work ethic it taught me that has helped me succeed both on and off the field.”
-Brandon McNelis, Boston Bruins Content Specialist, Northeastern University 2011, Former Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim
Mike Antonio “The New York Nine have been very important for me because I started playing with them freshman year in High School and they taught me so much, both about the game and how to be a man. I couldn't be more thankful to the coaches of the New York Nine for all the things they have done for me, a kid from Washington Heights, whom they made it possible for me to attend every game no matter where it was played, and sending me to the top showcases. The New York Nine will do anything they can to get you to the next level and I couldn’t be more thankful to have apart of the organization.”
-Mike Antonio, 3rd Round Draft Pick of the Kansas City Royals
Erik Poldroo

“The New York Nine were a huge part of my maturity as a baseball player. Given the opportunity to travel the country against the top talent in the country showed where we stood as individuals against the nations best. Playing a dense schedule during the summer showed me what it took physically and mentally to not only play, but how to excel at the next level. Without the New York Nine and Ian Millman, I would not be at a school right now, Ian provided me with an opportunity to earn a scholarship to Concordia College after my previous choice fell through, where I was able to immediately become a starter. If you want the opportunity to compete against the best competition and get seen by schools and professionals, the New York Nine is the place to be.”
-Erik Poldroo, Concordia College
Andrew Rinaldi

“The New York Nine is important to me because it helped me develop the skills that I needed to succeed at the Division 1 level. The New York Nine gave me the opportunity to play with some of the top talent I have ever played with and for coaches who will demand the most out of you, so you can finally tap into the potential you never knew was there. Players should play for the New York Nine because of the history of the organization and the ability to learn from such talented coaches. I am truly honored to be an alumni of the New York Nine and would strongly recommend the organization to anyone.”
-Andrew Rinaldi, Quinnipiac University
Nick DiSanza

“The New York Nine has played a huge role in furthering my baseball career. I played for the New York Nine for a few years and I am always going to be grateful for what they have done for me. Before I joined the New York Nine I was a good player who had so much to learn. And while I was with the New York Nine, I learned so much more not only about baseball, but also how to be a better person. Everybody involved with the organization will help you improve both your skills and your exposure to colleges and pro scouts. The New York Nine has made it possible for me to continue my journey in this game and is still helping to get to the professional level. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be around. They have already affected so many people in such a good way, and they will continue doing so. Ian & the coaches have done everything they can to help me and my other teammates, even when we were down he had our backs and did nothing but good things for us. I owe my career in this game to the New York Nine and wholeheartedly endorse them.”
-Nick DiSanza, Odessa College
Eric Vrissis

“Playing with the New York Nine for four seasons gave me the opportunity to develop and refine my skills and taught me that I needed to be more disciplined. One of the greatest elements that the New York Nine has to offer is the dedication and commitment of all the coaches toward their players. The New York Nine will be unbiased when they evaluate your skills and give you the opportunity to develop those skills to the best of your ability and at the same time providing the exposure to play at the next level. Each coach will work with you to achieve your individual goals while providing you with great coaching and extensive baseball knowledge, from which you can succeed.
If you are looking for a highly regarded, competitive, and top-notch organization, which is willing to take the extra step for its players and teams on and off the field, the New York Nine is exactly where you want to be.”
-Eric Vrissis, United States Coast Guard Academy
Andrew Zigmont

“What sets this organization apart from every other travel ball team is their willingness and devotion to helping their players reach the next level. The New York Nine organization is run by great coaches who pride themselves on being loyal to their players and creating opportunities to showcase players to colleges and pro scouts. This organization gave me the opportunity to attend an elite academic school with a nationally ranked baseball program. I am grateful for their help and guidance.”
-Andrew Zigmont, Johns Hopkins University
gaby molina“The New York Nine organization has opened many doors for me and has given me the fundamentals to be successful not only on the diamond, but in life. Coach Ian Millman on down, the trickle-down effect this organization has on its ball players goes far beyond what a summer ball team usually has because of the way its run day in and day out. The professionalism, motivation and dedication that this organization installs into its kids breeds winners on and off the field and will leave you with many memories and lifelong friendships.”
-Gaby Molina, Gateway Grizzlies
willobrien“Playing for the New York Nine for two seasons not only greatly improved my skills and confidence on the field, but also helped to make me a better and more prepared man for life off the field. I came to the Nine shortly after I had shoulder surgery, and their coaches were with me every step of the way of my recovery. The Nine’s coaches, and the organization as a whole, are extremely committed to their players, as they truly hope to make all of us better baseball players and better men. Playing for this organization gives you the opportunity to play against the best talent in the country in front of the best college coaches and scouts in the country. What I learned the most, however, was the emphasis on the importance of hard work, dedication and passion in whatever you do, on field or off.” – Will O’Brien, Williams College
frankiegiuliano“One of the best days of my life was the first time I put the Orange NY jersey on. I joined the organization when I was 13 years old and they have been my second home ever since. My time here went way too fast and I wish I had next summer to come back and play just one more time. This organization and its coaches have always done their very best to point me in the right direction and help me find success both on and off the field. I learned the meaning of responsibility, how to become an adult and to do what I needed to do. I want to specifically thank coaches Abrams and Millman, two of the most influential male figures in my life after my father. Joining the Nine was the best decision I've made in my life. Period.” – Frankie Giuliano, Monroe College
wayneroberts“I played for one organization my entire life before making the decision to come to the Nine after my senior year. I felt that they would best prepare me to go to Texas and compete at San Jacinto the day I arrived. They made me feel welcome and helped with a smooth transition right from the beginning. We all had one common goal and that was to show that the boys from New York could play with the best from anywhere. I would like to thank the coaches as well as my new Nine family, who stood beside me this summer and helped me become a better and more professionally prepared player and person.” – Wayne Roberts, Jr., San Jacinto College
quincytunstall“Unlike most people, I have been lucky enough to know Coach Millman since I was young, as my uncle Ricky played on the very first scout team in 2006 (He still holds the HBP record 10 years later). Coach has been both a mentor and father figure to me since the day I've met him. He taught me the true meaning of family and brotherhood. This organization has taught me many things including how to become a man. In the end I am blessed to have gotten a four year scholarship to Northwest Oklahoma State, none which would have happened without this organization and coach Millman, who is constantly teaching lessons in life, not just baseball. One thing he said to me years ago, which has stuck with me, is, “a man is not defined by his past, but how he reacts to bad experiences in his life”. I've been through plenty and that quote when I was younger has helped carry me through. I want to thank everyone within the New York Nine for what they've done for me and remind future players they carry the torch every time they take the field – the future is bright!” – Quincy Tunstall, Northwest Oklahoma State
chriscampbell“The New York Nine baseball organization is like no other I have been a part of or played against. They have intelligent coaches and very talented baseball players. I played my only season with the Nine this year, after my freshman year in college. Many people suggested I play in a collegiate league because of the lack of competition at the 18u level, but the truth is I played with and against players who were better than some juniors and seniors in my college league. I do not regret my decision at all, because, I not only became a better baseball player, but a better person. This is the part that separated these coaches and this organization from anything else I've done. You learn how to carry yourself as a professional both on and off the field. Both my coaches and teammates supported me through off-field personal issues as well which made the Nine my family, not just a team. I want to thank coaches Millman, Mandl and Kaminsky for giving me the tools to prevail in life's next chapter. I will forever be a part of the New York Nine Family.” – Chris Campbell, Monroe College
“Being able to come from Texas and join the Nine was one of the best experiences of my life. Besides the fantastic baseball aspect, Coaches Millman & Kaminsky and the rest of the organization treated me as one of their own from day one. The New York Nine is a class organization from top to bottom and will assure you that you will be ready for your next step of baseball along with making lifelong memories and friends.” – Shandon Herrera, Lubbock Christian University
“The New York Nine organization changed my life both on and off the field. Playing with the Nine was having the best of both worlds, we won and had fun at the same time. I had the privilege of playing 4 years and I enjoyed every second of it. I still wish I could go back out and pitch one more inning. The coaches there are not only loyal to the players but create so many opportunities to showcase players to College coaches and Pro scouts. I want to specifically thank Ian Millman for everything he has done for me. It was such a great opportunity and there is no other coach I would rather play for. The New York Nine will always be FAMILY! #pandaPOWER
#pandamonium” – Chris Pichardo, Four Year New York Nine Player
“The New York Nine was very important in my life because they showed an enormous amount of commitment to me. They dedicated so much time to me which made me work harder and realize the talent that I really had. They showed me how the game was played in the “real world” of professional baseball and what I needed to do to get there. They then got me the opportunity to do that when no one drafted me. The experience and advice I got from the Nine opened my eyes and got me where I am today, playing with the Philadelphia Phillies organization.” – Carlos De La Cruz, Philadelphia Phillies Prospect
“Playing with the New York Nine was the best decision of my life. Previous teams promised tons of things, always getting looks in front of college coaches, but those promises never came true or compared to what the Nine did. It was the most competitive, real and fun experience I have ever had playing baseball. It didn’t hurt that I played with a bunch of really talented players who went on to college and guys who got signed and drafted. The knowledge and in game experiences from the Nine really shaped me as a player and helped me perform at the highest level. The competition we played really forced me to step up and to keep up with the increasing speed of the game. Mentally it kept me disciplined and focused at the task at hand. The organization put a focus on development and the lessons learned, both on the field and in life have helped me every single day in the classroom, on the field and everywhere else. The New York Nine was the best team I’ve ever played for and it was the best time of my life. I wish I could play more for the Nine and Coach Millman, who was one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He knew the game, cared about us and looked out for us both on and off the field, and continues to do so to this day.” – Nick Vella, Erskine College
Bob Burke

“When I first arrived with the New York Nine it was the late summer of 2006 following my son’s Junior year of High School. That Spring my son had an uneventful season for his High School team garnering no post season awards. After a summer of camps, tournaments and showcases which pulled in a small amount of interest, we were introduced to the front office of the New York Nine and they invited him to play with them in their fall program. At the end of this brief stint with New York Nine, my son was listed in four nationally syndicated High School/Collegiate Baseball newspapers and, depending on which journal you read both online and in print, was one of the top 25, 10 or 5 Senior left handed pitchers in the Northeast. He finished his High School career winning All-League, All Northeast, was undefeated and led his team to the State Championship. He later went on to Wake Forest University where he played baseball for all four years, graduating in 2011.
I subsequently started a business called ‘Advantage Video’ in 2007 based on my experience videoing and promoting my son via (at that time) DVDs. Having witnessed the New York Nine work with my son and the experience I had with them I have whole heartedly recommended them to my baseball clients for the past seven years and they have always provided the best instruction, exposure and promotion that is available in the arena of Summer Travel League baseball. I have clients from time to time who are already established with other organizations so I have a close perspective from which to compare the New York Nine to those other organizations. What sets the New York Nine apart from the others is their complete dedication to every player, not just the top prospects. Some highly regarded organizations use the model of heavily promoting their top prospects and usually overlooking the ‘side’ players. This is not how New York Nine conducts their business.
The New York Nine, besides being excellent evaluators of young baseball talent, are experienced teachers. They communicate with the players and the parents; they are especially adept at assessing a player’s ability. They encourage, instruct and promote but are careful not to allow unachievable expectations to derail a player’s confidence.
I have in the past and will continue to recommend New York Nine to all of my baseball clients, they have always come through.”
-Bob Burke, Founder Advantage Video