Quincy Tunstall

July 29, 2015

Unlike most people, I have been lucky enough to know Coach Millman since I was young, as my uncle Ricky played on the very first scout team in 2006 (He still holds the HBP record 10 years later). Coach has been both a mentor and father figure to me since the day I’ve met him. He taught me the true meaning of family and brotherhood. This organization has taught me many things including how to become a man. In the end I am blessed to have gotten a four year scholarship to Northwest Oklahoma State, none which would have happened without this organization and coach Millman, who is constantly teaching lessons in life, not just baseball. One thing he said to me years ago, which has stuck with me, is, “a man is not defined by his past, but how he reacts to bad experiences in his life”. I’ve been through plenty and that quote when I was younger has helped carry me through. I want to thank everyone within the New York Nine for what they’ve done for me and remind future players they carry the torch every time they take the field – the future is bright!