Bob Burke

July 29, 2015

When I first arrived with the New York Nine it was the late summer of 2006 following my son’s Junior year of High School. That Spring my son had an uneventful season for his High School team garnering no post season awards. After a summer of camps, tournaments and showcases which pulled in a small amount of interest, we were introduced to the front office of the New York Nine and they invited him to play with them in their fall program. At the end of this brief stint with New York Nine, my son was listed in four nationally syndicated High School/Collegiate Baseball newspapers and, depending on which journal you read both online and in print, was one of the top 25, 10 or 5 Senior left handed pitchers in the Northeast. He finished his High School career winning All-League, All Northeast, was undefeated and led his team to the State Championship. He later went on to Wake Forest University where he played baseball for all four years, graduating in 2011.
I subsequently started a business called ‘Advantage Video’ in 2007 based on my experience videoing and promoting my son via (at that time) DVDs. Having witnessed the New York Nine work with my son and the experience I had with them I have whole heartedly recommended them to my baseball clients for the past seven years and they have always provided the best instruction, exposure and promotion that is available in the arena of Summer Travel League baseball. I have clients from time to time who are already established with other organizations so I have a close perspective from which to compare the New York Nine to those other organizations. What sets the New York Nine apart from the others is their complete dedication to every player, not just the top prospects. Some highly regarded organizations use the model of heavily promoting their top prospects and usually overlooking the ‘side’ players. This is not how New York Nine conducts their business.
The New York Nine, besides being excellent evaluators of young baseball talent, are experienced teachers. They communicate with the players and the parents; they are especially adept at assessing a player’s ability. They encourage, instruct and promote but are careful not to allow unachievable expectations to derail a player’s confidence.
I have in the past and will continue to recommend New York Nine to all of my baseball clients, they have always come through.