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April 22, 2014 | by Milo Kaminsky |

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“Providing opportunities for student-athletes from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.”

“We provide student-athletes from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds with opportunities to develop discipline, teamwork and leadership through baseball. Our goal is the development of young people not just as baseball players but as high character citizens.”


DateOpponentLocationTime/ResultMedia Links
2019-06-15 Team PracticeVan Nest Field1:00 pm
2019-06-16 Fathers Day - Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-06-17 Camelot KnightsElmjack Pony5:45 pm
2019-06-18 TBATBA
2019-06-19 Cage WarriorsElmjack PonyPPD - Rain
2019-06-20 Off DayTBATBA
2019-06-21 Great American ClassicBaseball HeavenTBA
2019-06-22 Great American Classic - Nassau County SaintsEisenhower Park12:30 pm
2019-06-22 Great American Classic - Phenom BaseballEisenhower Park2:45 pm
2019-06-23 Great American Classic - Camelot KnightsTrunzo Field10:15 am
2019-06-24 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-06-25 TBATBA
2019-06-26 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-06-27 TBATBA
2019-06-28 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-06-29 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-06-30 Staten Island Orioles (DH-9)Curtis High School10:30 am
2019-07-01 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-07-02 Team PracticeElmjackTBA
2019-07-03 Off DayTBATBA
2019-07-04 Independence Weekend Championships - Team Steel RedBaseball Heaven #212:00 pm
2019-07-05 Independence Weekend Championships - The Clubhouse CarolinaBaseball Heaven #38:00 am
2019-07-06 Independence Weekend Championships - Oil City BanditsMoriches Complex #18:00 am
2019-07-07 Independence Day ChampionshipsBaseball HeavenTBA
2019-07-08 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-07-09 Team PracticeElmjackTBA
2019-07-10 TBATBA
2019-07-11 Team PracticeElmjackTBA
2019-07-13 Mid-Atlantic Showdown - East Lyme ExtremeBaseball Heaven #210:00 am
2019-07-13 Mid-Atlantic Showdown - TornadosFiremens Field in Brookhaven4:00 pm
2019-07-14 Mid-Atlantic Showdown - Team Steel GreyMoriches Complex #48:00 am
2019-07-15 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-07-16 Team PracticeElmjackTBA
2019-07-17 TBATBA
2019-07-18 Team PracticeElmjackTBA
2019-07-19 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-07-20 New York Nine Future 15sElmjackPPD - Heat
2019-07-21 TBATBA
2019-07-22 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-07-23 Borough Cup - Cage WarriorsHBQVB – Padavan-Preller Fields6:00 pm
2019-07-24 TBATBA
2019-07-25 Borough Cup - Rockaway CadetsFt Tilden6:00 pm
2019-07-26 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-07-27 TBATBA
2019-07-28 TBATBA
2019-07-29 Off DayOff DayTBA
2019-07-30 Team PracticeElmjack5:45 pm
2019-07-31 Borough Cup - HBQVB DiamondbacksHBQVB – Padavan-Preller Fields6:00 pm
2019-08-01 Team PracticeElmjack5:45 pm
2019-08-02 Borough Cup - HBQVB DiamondbacksHBQVB – Padavan-Preller Fields6:00 pm
2019-08-03 Borough Cup PlayoffsTBATBA
2019-08-04 Borough Cup PlayoffsTBATBA
2019-08-05 TBATBA
2019-08-08 Team PracticeElmjack5:45 pm
2019-08-10 East Coast Nationals - Rockland Titanium DrillersMoriches Complex #14:00 pm
2019-08-10 East Coast Nationals - Long Island Jr. DucksBaseball Heaven #38:00 pm
2019-08-11 East Coast Nationals - New York BluebirdsFiremens Field in Brookhaven12:00 pm


No games found for futures.

DateOpponentLocationTime/ResultMedia Links
2019-06-08 Team PracticeAmerican LegionPractice
2019-06-09 Team PracticeAmerican LegionPractice
2019-06-11 New York CrushAmerican LegionPPD - Fields Unplayable
2019-06-12 PSAL AA & AAA Championship Game (Optional)Yankee StadiumPSAL
2019-06-13 LI StormBeach Channel HSPPD - Rain
2019-06-15 Staten Island Orioles Purple (9)Curtis High SchoolW 11-6
2019-06-15 Staten Island Orioles Black (9)Curtis High SchoolW 19-6
2019-06-16 Staten Island Orioles Gray (9)Babe Ruth ComplexW 8-2
2019-06-17 SAYO GraysRed Hook Ball FieldPPD - Rain
2019-06-18 Taconic RangersKennedy CatholicPPD - Rain
2019-06-19 Bayside YankeesSt. Joseph’s School for the DeafPPD - Rain
2019-06-20 LI StormBeach Channel HSPPD - Rain
2019-06-22 Great American Classic - The Cage WarriorsTrunzo FieldW 9-0
2019-06-22 Great American Classic - LI HawksTrunzo FieldW 16-0
2019-06-23 Great American Classic - New York XSt. DominicW 2-1
2019-06-23 Great American Classic - Connecticut Blue JaysEisenhower ParkW 3-0
2019-06-25 Staten Island OriolesAmerican LegionPPD - Rain
2019-06-26 Brooklyn FalconsTransit Tech CTE HSW 15-1
2019-06-27 New York CrushAmerican LegionW 11-2
2019-06-29 Connecticut CrushEastern Connecticut StateL 5-0
2019-06-29 Connecticut CrushEastern Connecticut StateL 9-6
2019-07-01 SAYO GraysRed Hook Ball FieldPPD - Fields Unplayable
2019-07-02 LI StormAdelphi University – William J Bonomo FieldW 5-3
2019-07-04 Independence Weekend Championship - LI Baseball DaschMoriches Complex #4W 3-2
2019-07-05 Independence Weekend Championship - Wrath BaseballBaseball Heaven #3L 3-2
2019-07-05 Independence Weekend Championship - Long Island Strong Baseball AcademyFiremens Field in BrookhavenL 12-5
2019-07-06 Independence Weekend Championship - Dream Academy HighlandersBaseball Heaven #1W 5-0
2019-07-09 Staten Island OriolesAmerican LegionPPD - Rain
2019-07-12 CABA World Series - Diamond DevilsPatriots PointL 14-2
2019-07-13 CABA World Series - CBC RebelsCharleston Southern UniversityW 7-2
2019-07-13 CABA World Series - Midland RedhawksSummerville HSW 3-2
2019-07-14 CABA World Series - Rock Hard DevelopmentJames Island HSL 8-6
2019-07-14 Carolina ProspectsDeer Park Middle SchoolPractice
2019-07-15 CABA World Series - Knoxville StarsThe Shipyard Park – Detyens ParkL 8-0
2019-07-18 NABF World Series - Means TransformersBob Cene Complex – 3W 10-4
2019-07-18 NABF World Series - Creekside FitnessBob Cene Complex – 2W 7-3
2019-07-19 NABF World Series - Team Ontario AstrosBob Cene Complex – 1W 18-2
2019-07-20 NABF World Series - Stark County TerriorsBob Cene Complex – 1L 14-0
2019-07-20 NABF World Series - Diamond Hit ClubBob Cene Complex – 2W 7-5
2019-07-21 NABF World Series - Astro FalconsBob Cene Complex – 3W 6-1
2019-07-21 NABF World Series - Creekside FitnessBob Cene Complex – 1W 5-0
2019-07-26 Bayside YankeesAmerican LegionW 7-4
2019-07-26 Bayside YankeesAmerican LegionW 7-5
2019-07-27 LI StormAdelphi University – William J Bonomo FieldW 6-2
2019-07-27 LI StormAdelphi University – William J Bonomo FieldW 4-0
2019-07-30 Bayside YankeesAmerican Legion5:45 pm
2019-07-31 Oil City BanditsGlen Cove City Field #3PPD - Rain
2019-08-01 TBATBATBA
2019-08-02 TBATBATBA
2019-08-03 TBATBATBA
2019-08-04 TBATBATBA
2019-08-05 TBA
2019-08-06 TBA
2019-08-09 East Coast Nationals - Northeast MonarchsFiremens Field in Brookhaven6:00 pm
2019-08-10 East Coast Nationals - Bad News BearsBaseball Heaven #42:00 pm
2019-08-10 East Coast Nationals - TCB HammerheadsMoriches Complex #36:00 pm
2019-08-11 East Coast NationalsBaseball HeavenTBA

No games found for showcase.

May 2, 2018

Playing with the New York Nine was the best decision of my life. Previous teams promised tons of things, always getting looks in front of college coaches, but those promises never came true or compared to what the Nine did. It was the most competitive, real and fun experience I have ever had playing baseball. It didn’t hurt that I played with a bunch of really talented players who went on to college and guys who got signed and drafted. The knowledge and in game experiences from the Nine really shaped me as a player and helped me perform at the highest level. The competition we played really forced me to step up and to keep up with the increasing speed of the game. Mentally it kept me disciplined and focused at the task at hand. The organization put a focus on development and the lessons learned, both on the field and in life have helped me every single day in the classroom, on the field and everywhere else. The New York Nine was the best team I’ve ever played for and it was the best time of my life. I wish I could play more for the Nine and Coach Millman, who was one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He knew the game, cared about us and looked out for us both on and off the field, and continues to do so to this day.

Philadelphia Phillies Prospect
March 12, 2018

The New York Nine was very important in my life because they showed an enormous amount of commitment to me. They dedicated so much time to me which made me work harder and realize the talent that I really had. They showed me how the game was played in the “real world” of professional baseball and what I needed to do to get there. They then got me the opportunity to do that when no one drafted me. The experience and advice I got from the Nine opened my eyes and got me where I am today, playing with the Philadelphia Phillies organization.

Los Angeles Dodgers Scout & Coach
March 11, 2018

I am very proud to be an alumni of the New York Nine. The organization provided me with a foundation for success and a platform for the opportunity to continue playing baseball at the collegiate level. The dedication shown to me from the entire New York Nine staff helped motivate me academically, pushing me to continue my education far beyond what I believed possible. The end result was an outstanding experience playing baseball at a high level and a Master's Degree from Georgetown University. Without the New York Nine, I don't think I would have had the fortune of reaching such peaks in my life. I wholeheartedly endorse the New York Nine as one the nation's premier baseball programs, and look forward to continued involvement within the organization in the future.

March 11, 2018

The New York Nine organization changed my life both on and off the field. Playing with the Nine was having the best of both worlds, we won and had fun at the same time. I had the privilege of playing 4 years and I enjoyed every second of it. I still wish I could go back out and pitch one more inning. The coaches there are not only loyal to the players but create so many opportunities to showcase players to College coaches and Pro scouts. I want to specifically thank Ian Millman for everything he has done for me. It was such a great opportunity and there is no other coach I would rather play for. The New York Nine will always be FAMILY! #pandaPOWER #pandamonium

March 11, 2018

Being able to come from Texas and join the Nine was one of the best experiences of my life. Besides the fantastic baseball aspect, Coaches Millman & Kaminsky and the rest of the organization treated me as one of their own from day one. The New York Nine is a class organization from top to bottom and will assure you that you will be ready for your next step of baseball along with making lifelong memories and friends.

January 2, 2016

Playing for the New York Nine was a fantastic experience for me. During my time with the Nine, the coaches not only helped improve my baseball skills, but helped me think about how I would like to live my life outside of baseball. They prepared me to a professional both mentally and physically, which made the jump to pro ball much easier. Because of the help I was given back when I was playing here, it is my pleasure to give my time back to the players and families of the Nine.

July 29, 2015

When I first arrived with the New York Nine it was the late summer of 2006 following my son’s Junior year of High School. That Spring my son had an uneventful season for his High School team garnering no post season awards. After a summer of camps, tournaments and showcases which pulled in a small amount of interest, we were introduced to the front office of the New York Nine and they invited him to play with them in their fall program. At the end of this brief stint with New York Nine, my son was listed in four nationally syndicated High School/Collegiate Baseball newspapers and, depending on which journal you read both online and in print, was one of the top 25, 10 or 5 Senior left handed pitchers in the Northeast. He finished his High School career winning All-League, All Northeast, was undefeated and led his team to the State Championship. He later went on to Wake Forest University where he played baseball for all four years, graduating in 2011.
I subsequently started a business called ‘Advantage Video’ in 2007 based on my experience videoing and promoting my son via (at that time) DVDs. Having witnessed the New York Nine work with my son and the experience I had with them I have whole heartedly recommended them to my baseball clients for the past seven years and they have always provided the best instruction, exposure and promotion that is available in the arena of Summer Travel League baseball. I have clients from time to time who are already established with other organizations so I have a close perspective from which to compare the New York Nine to those other organizations. What sets the New York Nine apart from the others is their complete dedication to every player, not just the top prospects. Some highly regarded organizations use the model of heavily promoting their top prospects and usually overlooking the ‘side’ players. This is not how New York Nine conducts their business.
The New York Nine, besides being excellent evaluators of young baseball talent, are experienced teachers. They communicate with the players and the parents; they are especially adept at assessing a player’s ability. They encourage, instruct and promote but are careful not to allow unachievable expectations to derail a player’s confidence.
I have in the past and will continue to recommend New York Nine to all of my baseball clients, they have always come through.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine baseball organization is like no other I have been a part of or played against. They have intelligent coaches and very talented baseball players. I played my only season with the Nine this year, after my freshman year in college. Many people suggested I play in a collegiate league because of the lack of competition at the 18u level, but the truth is I played with and against players who were better than some juniors and seniors in my college league. I do not regret my decision at all, because, I not only became a better baseball player, but a better person. This is the part that separated these coaches and this organization from anything else I’ve done. You learn how to carry yourself as a professional both on and off the field. Both my coaches and teammates supported me through off-field personal issues as well which made the Nine my family, not just a team. I want to thank coaches Millman, Mandl and Kaminsky for giving me the tools to prevail in life’s next chapter. I will forever be a part of the New York Nine Family.

July 29, 2015

Unlike most people, I have been lucky enough to know Coach Millman since I was young, as my uncle Ricky played on the very first scout team in 2006 (He still holds the HBP record 10 years later). Coach has been both a mentor and father figure to me since the day I’ve met him. He taught me the true meaning of family and brotherhood. This organization has taught me many things including how to become a man. In the end I am blessed to have gotten a four year scholarship to Northwest Oklahoma State, none which would have happened without this organization and coach Millman, who is constantly teaching lessons in life, not just baseball. One thing he said to me years ago, which has stuck with me, is, “a man is not defined by his past, but how he reacts to bad experiences in his life”. I’ve been through plenty and that quote when I was younger has helped carry me through. I want to thank everyone within the New York Nine for what they’ve done for me and remind future players they carry the torch every time they take the field – the future is bright!

July 29, 2015

I played for one organization my entire life before making the decision to come to the Nine after my senior year. I felt that they would best prepare me to go to Texas and compete at San Jacinto the day I arrived. They made me feel welcome and helped with a smooth transition right from the beginning. We all had one common goal and that was to show that the boys from New York could play with the best from anywhere. I would like to thank the coaches as well as my new Nine family, who stood beside me this summer and helped me become a better and more professionally prepared player and person.

July 29, 2015

One of the best days of my life was the first time I put the Orange NY jersey on. I joined the organization when I was 13 years old and they have been my second home ever since. My time here went way too fast and I wish I had next summer to come back and play just one more time. This organization and its coaches have always done their very best to point me in the right direction and help me find success both on and off the field. I learned the meaning of responsibility, how to become an adult and to do what I needed to do. I want to specifically thank coaches Abrams and Millman, two of the most influential male figures in my life after my father. Joining the Nine was the best decision I’ve made in my life. Period.

July 29, 2015

Playing for the New York Nine for two seasons not only greatly improved my skills and confidence on the field, but also helped to make me a better and more prepared man for life off the field. I came to the Nine shortly after I had shoulder surgery, and their coaches were with me every step of the way of my recovery. The Nine’s coaches, and the organization as a whole, are extremely committed to their players, as they truly hope to make all of us better baseball players and better men. Playing for this organization gives you the opportunity to play against the best talent in the country in front of the best college coaches and scouts in the country. What I learned the most, however, was the emphasis on the importance of hard work, dedication and passion in whatever you do, on field or off.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine organization has opened many doors for me and has given me the fundamentals to be successful not only on the diamond, but in life. Coach Ian Millman on down, the trickle-down effect this organization has on its ball players goes far beyond what a summer ball team usually has because of the way its run day in and day out. The professionalism, motivation and dedication that this organization installs into its kids breeds winners on and off the field and will leave you with many memories and lifelong friendships.

July 29, 2015

What sets this organization apart from every other travel ball team is their willingness and devotion to helping their players reach the next level. The New York Nine organization is run by great coaches who pride themselves on being loyal to their players and creating opportunities to showcase players to colleges and pro scouts. This organization gave me the opportunity to attend an elite academic school with a nationally ranked baseball program. I am grateful for their help and guidance.

July 29, 2015

Playing with the New York Nine for four seasons gave me the opportunity to develop and refine my skills and taught me that I needed to be more disciplined. One of the greatest elements that the New York Nine has to offer is the dedication and commitment of all the coaches toward their players. The New York Nine will be unbiased when they evaluate your skills and give you the opportunity to develop those skills to the best of your ability and at the same time providing the exposure to play at the next level. Each coach will work with you to achieve your individual goals while providing you with great coaching and extensive baseball knowledge, from which you can succeed.
If you are looking for a highly regarded, competitive, and top-notch organization, which is willing to take the extra step for its players and teams on and off the field, the New York Nine is exactly where you want to be.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine has played a huge role in furthering my baseball career. I played for the New York Nine for a few years and I am always going to be grateful for what they have done for me. Before I joined the New York Nine I was a good player who had so much to learn. And while I was with the New York Nine, I learned so much more not only about baseball, but also how to be a better person. Everybody involved with the organization will help you improve both your skills and your exposure to colleges and pro scouts. The New York Nine has made it possible for me to continue my journey in this game and is still helping to get to the professional level. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be around. They have already affected so many people in such a good way, and they will continue doing so. Ian & the coaches have done everything they can to help me and my other teammates, even when we were down he had our backs and did nothing but good things for us. I owe my career in this game to the New York Nine and wholeheartedly endorse them.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine is important to me because it helped me develop the skills that I needed to succeed at the Division 1 level. The New York Nine gave me the opportunity to play with some of the top talent I have ever played with and for coaches who will demand the most out of you, so you can finally tap into the potential you never knew was there. Players should play for the New York Nine because of the history of the organization and the ability to learn from such talented coaches. I am truly honored to be an alumni of the New York Nine and would strongly recommend the organization to anyone.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine were a huge part of my maturity as a baseball player. Given the opportunity to travel the country against the top talent in the country showed where we stood as individuals against the nations best. Playing a dense schedule during the summer showed me what it took physically and mentally to not only play, but how to excel at the next level. Without the New York Nine and Ian Millman, I would not be at a school right now, Ian provided me with an opportunity to earn a scholarship to Concordia College after my previous choice fell through, where I was able to immediately become a starter. If you want the opportunity to compete against the best competition and get seen by schools and professionals, the New York Nine is the place to be.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine have been very important for me because I started playing with them freshman year in High School and they taught me so much, both about the game and how to be a man. I couldn’t be more thankful to the coaches of the New York Nine for all the things they have done for me, a kid from Washington Heights, whom they made it possible for me to attend every game no matter where it was played, and sending me to the top showcases. The New York Nine will do anything they can to get you to the next level and I couldn’t be more thankful to have apart of the organization.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine provided me the opportunity to play with and against the best talent in the area, maximizing my exposure to college and professional scouts. More important than the technical skills and baseball knowledge I picked up with the Nine was the work ethic it taught me that has helped me succeed both on and off the field.

July 29, 2015

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian Millman over the past six years in numerous baseball endeavors, such as the Miami Marlins Scout Team. Ian has both a passion and knowledge for the game that is second to none. What separates Ian from most, is his commitment to helping student athletes excel both on the baseball field as wells as the classroom. He constantly stresses the importance of academics, as well as being an overall great person, not just a great baseball player.
As a professional scout, Ian is an outstanding evaluator of talent. He is able to communicate effectively to each student athlete on what it takes to get to the next level. Because of his connections in the game, Ian has had numerous college coaches, area scouts, and national cross checkers down to games to evaluate his players. He genuinely wants to see his players succeed more than anything.

Ian has a tireless work ethic and continually gives his time and effort to help other people get opportunities, without asking for anything in return. He is a true ambassador to the game of baseball.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine provide everything you could be looking for in a developmental program. They start with top notch coaching made up of former professional and college players, many of them Nine alumni who have previously benefitted from the program and have returned to give back to it. The Nine offer a nationally recognized playing schedule for all levels which affords their players the opportunity to play against the best from around the country and exposure to college and professional scouts which frequent these tournaments. Most importantly, the Nine understand the importance of academics and are committed to developing their players as well rounded student athletes.

July 29, 2015

The New York Nine levels the playing field for student athletes from all backgrounds and social classes. With their commitment to academic and athletic success, national exposure to pro scouts and top colleges, and work to develop players socially and athletically, I fully stand behind and endorse the not-for-profit New York Nine.

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VenueAddressMap (Click for larger view.)
100th Street Field24-05 Humphreys St
East Elmhurst, NY 11369
Abe Levitt62 Stewart Avenue
Hicksville, NY 11801
Adelphi University – William J Bonomo Field1 South Ave
Garden City, NY 11530
Alden-Field Stadium4 Burt Street
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Allatoona High School3300 Dallas Acworth Hwy NW
Acworth, GA 30101
American Legion102 Seaview Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Custom Map
Ardsley High School500 Farm Road
Ardsley, NY 10502
Babe Ruth Complex415 Brielle Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314
Balf-Savin FieldNew Britain, CT Custom Map
Baseball Heaven #1350 Sills Road
Yaphank, NY 11980
Baseball Heaven #2350 Sills Road
Yaphank, NY 11980
Baseball Heaven #3350 Sills Road
Yaphank, NY 11980
Baseball Heaven #4350 Sills Road
Yaphank, NY 11980
Beach Channel HS100-00 Beach Channel Drive
Rockaway Park, NY 11694
Bergen Beach2335 Bergen Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Berkmar HS405 Pleasant Hill Road
Lilburn, GA 30047
Custom Map
Bishop England High School363 Seven Farms Road
Charleston, SC 29492
Blind Brook High School840 Kind Street
Rye Brook, NY 10573
Bob Cene Complex – 116 Bob Cene Way
Struthers, Ohio 44471
Bob Cene Complex – 216 Bob Cene Way
Struthers, OH 44471
Bob Cene Complex – 316 Bob Cene Way
Struthers, OH 44471
Brentwood Field Turf801 Crooked Hill Road
Brentwood, NY 11717
Bronxchester1500 Waters Place
Bronx, NY 10461
Brunswick School1252 King Street
Greenwich, CT 06831
Bush Terminal Park24 43rd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Custom Map
Campbell HS5265 Ward St SE
Smyrna, GA 30080
Custom Map
Cantiague480 W John Street
Hicksville, NY 11801
Custom Map
Cartersville BB Complex11 Sugar Valley Rd SW
Cartersville, GA 30120
Central Connecticut State1615 Stanley St.
New Britain, CT 06050
Charleston Southern University9200 University Blvd
North Charleston, SC 29423
Civic Center Park240 Pershing Ave
Carteret, NJ 07008
College of St. Rose20 Frisbee Ave
Albany, NY 12209
College Park701 Rutledge Avenue
Charleston, SC 29403
Concordia College171 White Plains Road
Bronxville, NY 10708
Connetquot High School190 7th St.
Bohemia, NY 11716
Croton Harmon High School36 Old Post Road South
Croton on Hudson, NY 10520
Cubeta Stadium100 Bridge Street
Stamford, CT 06905
Custom Map
Curtis High School105 Hamilton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301
Deer Park Middle School2263 Otranto Road
North Charleston, SC 29406
Dennis Park351 Anita Drive
Goose Creek, SC 29445
Diamond in the Pines – 11844 Route 112
Coram, NY 11727
Diamond in the Pines – 21844 Route 112
Coram, NY 11727
Disbrow Park, Custom Map
Dutchmen Field/Keenholtz Park4684 Hurst Rd
Altamont, NY 12209
East Catholic High School115 New State Road
Manchester, CT 06042
East Cobb Complex, Field #24617 Lee Waters Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Custom Map
East Cobb Complex, Field #34617 Lee Waters Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Custom Map
East Vineland Sr. LeaguePhillip Street
Vineland, NJ
Custom Map
Eastern Connecticut State1 Mansfield City Rd.
Mansfield, CT 06268
Eisenhower Park1899 Hempstead Turnpike
East Meadow, NY 11554
Elmjack78-1 19th Rd
East Elmhurst, NY 11370
Elmjack Alternate78-1 19th Rd
East Elmhurst, NY 11370
Faith Church600 Danbury Road
New Milford, CT
Farmingdale State College2350 Broadhollow Rd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Farmington High School10 Monteith Dr
Farmington, CT 06032
Fellowship Christian High School10965 Woodstock Rd.
Roswell, GA 30075
Custom Map
Ferrum College215 Ferrum Mountain Rd
Ferrum, VA 24088
Firemens Field in Brookhaven724 Middle Country Road
Ridge, NY 11961
Fitchburg State University160 Pearl Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Fox Lane High School100 S. Bedford Lane
Bedford, NY 10506
Custom Map
Gaskill Field134 Providence Street
Worcester, MA 01604
Geer Field85 Thompson Street
Troy, NY 12180
Georgia Gwinnett College1000 University Center Ln
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Giese Park100 Lee Ave
Hicksville, NY 11801
Gil Hodges Park2815 Shell Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Glen Cove City Field #36 Morris Ave
Glen Cove, NY 11542
Hamilton Crossing Park31 Beavers Drive
Cartersville, GA 30120
Custom Map
Harris Park3034 Goulden Ave
Bronx, NY 10468
Harrison High School255 Union Avenue
Harrison, NY 10528
Harrison High School (Lower)842 West St
Harrison, NY 10528
Harvard – O’Donnell Field65 North Harvard Street
Boston, MA 02163
HBQVB – Padavan-Preller Fields236-02 Hillside Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11426
Hillgrove High School4165 Luther Ward Rd
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Custom Map
Horace Greely High School70 Roaring Brook Road
Chappaqua, NY 10514
Hunter Park8830 Gurley Rd
Douglasville, GA 30134
Custom Map
Iona Grammar School173 Stratton Road
New Rochelle, NY 10804
Iona Prep High School25 Wilmont Road
New Rochelle, NY 10804
Jack Kaiser StadiumJack Kaiser Stadium
Jamaica, NY 11439
Custom Map
James Island HS1000 Fort Johnson Road
Charleston, SC 29412
Joe Austin Playground84th Ave
New York, NY 11432
Custom Map
Joe Nathan Field (Stony Brook)Joe Nathan Field (Stony Brook)
Stony Brook, NY 11790
Custom Map
John Jay High School60 North Salem Road
Cross River, NY 10518
Julian Curtiss Field180 E. Elm Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
Juniper Valley Park71-01 Juniper Blvd S
Flushing, NY 11379
Custom Map
Kennedy Catholic54 Rte 138
Somers, NY 10589
Kennesaw Mountain High Shool1898 Kennesaw Due West Rd
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Kiwanis Field731 Indiana St.
Salem, VA 24153
Krock Field290 East Mountain Street
Worcester, MA 01606
Manhattan College4513 Manhattan College Parkway
Bronx, NY
Manhattanville College2900 Purchase St.
Purchase, NY 10577
McDowell ParkArdsley, NY Custom Map
McKenna Field2 Remington Road
East Hartford, CT 06108
Medford Complex – 12151 Horseblock Road
Medford, NY 11763
Medford Complex – 22151 Horseblock Road
Medford, NY 11763
Milton Olive Middle School140 Garden City Avenue
Wyandanch, NY 11798
Monan Park – UMass150 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125
Monroe High School13000 Bonynton Ave
Bronx, NY 10472
Moriches Complex #1630 Moriches Middle Island Road
Moriches, NY 11955
Moriches Complex #3630 Moriches Middle Island Road
Moriches, NY 11955
Moriches Complex #4630 Moriches Middle Island Road
Moriches, NY 11955
Mt. Pisgah High School9825 Brumbelow Road
Johns Creek, GA 30022
Custom Map
Narrows Sports Complex (Calvert Vaux Park),
Navajo Baseball Complex3000 Navajo Street
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
New Balance Field242 Stafford Street
Worcester, MA 01603
New England Baseball Complex – Field #1333 Southwest Cutoff
Northborough, MA 01532
New England Baseball Complex – Field #2333 Southwest Cutoff
Northborough, MA 01532
New England Baseball Complex – Field #3333 Southwest Cutoff
Northborough, MA 01532
New Springville1170 Forest Hill Rd
Staten Island, NY 10314
Newtown High School12 Berkshire Road
Sandy Hook, CT
Nichols College124 Center Road
Dudley, MA 01571
North Colonie1155 New Loudon Road
Cohoes, NY 12047
Parade Grounds50 Parkside Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Park Avenue School Complex280 Park Ave
Freehold, NJ 07728
Patriots Point85 Patriots Point Blvd
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Peekskill Stadium30 Louisa Street
Peekskill, NY 10566
Perfect Game Park South at LakePoint – Field #10755 Georgia 293
Emerson, GA 30137
Perfect Game Park South at LakePoint – Field #12755 Georgia 293
Emerson, GA 30137
Perfect Game Park South at LakePoint – Field #14755 Georgia 293
Emerson, GA 30137
Custom Map
Pinecrest Academy955 Peachtree Parkway
Cumming, GA 30041
Custom Map
Port Chester High School1 Tamarack Road
Port Chester, NY 10573
Port Chester Middle School113 Bowman Ave
Rye Brook, NY 10573
Port Chester Recreation Park591 Locust Ave
Port Chester, NY 10573
Preller Field236-02 Hillside Avenue
Bellerose, NY 11426
Prospect Park95 Prospect Park SW
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Purchase College Field 1735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577
Quinnipiac University275 Mount Carmel Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518
Radford Municipal100 George St.
Radford, VA 24141
Randall’s Island Field 46Sunken Meadow Loop
New York, NY 10035
Custom Map
REC Park584 Locust Ave
Port Chester, NY 10573
Red Hook Ball Field155 Bay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Reinhardt University7300 Reinhardt College Cir
Waleska, GA 30183
Richmond County Complex #11400 Travis Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314
Richmond County Complex #21400 Travis Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314
Rieff Park59-11 Fresh Pond Rd
Maspeth, NY 11378
Roy C. Ketcham High School99 Meyers Corner Road
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
RPI – Robison Field130 Eagle Street
Troy, NY 12180
Salk Middle School3359 N Jerusalem Rd
Levittown, NY 11756
South Shore #1635 Page Ave
Staten Island, NY 10309
South Vineland Senior LL3rd Street and Chestnut Ave
Vineland, NJ 08360
Custom Map
Sprayberry HS2525 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
Custom Map
St. Dominic6140 Northern Blvd
Muttontown, NY 11545
St. John’s Shrewsbury378 Main Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
St. Joseph’s College246 Sunrise Hwy South Service Rd
Patchogue, NY 11772
St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf1000 Hutchinson River Parkway
Bronx, NY 10465
St. Joseph’s High School40 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Montvale, NJ 07645
St. Josephs High School2320 Huntington Turnpike
Trumbull, CT 06611
St. Paul High School1001 Stafford Ave
Bristol, CT 06010
Staten Island Babe Ruth Complex637 Page Ave
Staten Island, NY 10307
Sternberg Park68 Leonard St
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Stillwell Park 321 S Woods Road
Syosset, NY 11791
Summerville HS500 Greenwave Blvd.
Summerville, SC 29483
SUNY Farmingdale2350 Broadhollow Road
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Susan E Wagner High School1200 Manor Road
Staten Island, NY 10314
Taft High School240 East 172nd Street
Bronx, NY 10457
The Shipyard Park – Detyens Park2383 Highway 41
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466
Tottenville High School100 Luten Ave
Staten Island, NY 10312
Transit Tech CTE HS1 Wells St
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Trunzo Field375 Crooked Hill Rd
Brentwood, NY 11717
Tufts – Huskins Field161 College Ave
Medford, MA 02155
Tully Park 901801 Evergreen Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Union County College1033 Springfield Ave
Cranford, NJ 07016
University of Hartford200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117
University of New HavenCharger Gymnasium
West Haven, CT 06516
Van Nest Field1500 Waters Place
Bronx, NY 10461
Victory Field, Custom Map
Virginia Tech260 Duck Pond Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Weber School6751 Roswell Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
Custom Map
Welty FieldBarton Road
Yonkers, NY 10701
West Ashley High School4060 W. Wildcat Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29414
Westbury High School1 Post Road
Old Westbury, NY 11568
Westchester Community College75 Grasslands Road
Valhalla, NY 10595
White Plains High School550 North Street
White Plains, NY 10605
Wolfe ParkMonroe, CT Custom Map
Woodlands Senior High School475 W Hartsdale Ave
Hartsdale, NY 10530
Worcester State University486 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01602
Yankee Stadium1 E 161st St
Bronx, NY 10451

No players found on team: 'showcase-team-rosters'

Futures Hitting Stats

3Matt Hegarty16423255000161780.1560.3170.15631
4Mike Papaleo19564913931081034100.2650.3570.36740
5Preston Milano279281231940081401190.2840.3700.33360
7Andrew Halperin21322833000341360.1070.2190.10710
8Michael Mateo13342285300615550.3640.5290.50000
12Nick Weyant265444980106328190.2050.3520.25000
13Michael Gaitan2246331082005501260.3030.4780.36400
15Joe Buccafusca9171511000140230.0670.1760.06710
19Eric Mini2258491655519191790.3270.4210.69451
21Jon Diforia12211711000110310.0590.2000.05921
22Luke McCarthy22382933000270880.1030.2970.10321
23Rob Rota163328541005304140.1790.2810.21401
25Robbie DeBenedictus46521100220100.4000.5000.60000
27William Gilbert205345972007508100.2000.3210.24410
33Spencer Lodes2784742010802201428150.2700.3570.45900
34Johnny Archer268267231940088312130.3430.4630.40300
35Tristan Sarcone225845981009748110.2000.3620.22210
44Joe Coppola25474111100106122490.2680.3620.31720
62AJ Rizzi22100000110110.0000.5000.00000

Futures Pitching Stats

3Matt Hegarty20.27400171610191623.391.74
4Mike Papaleo4.120101215201.621.39
7Andrew Halperin0.210000002100.003.00
12Nick Weyant1.1200016641231.503.75
19Eric Mini321002102100.001.33
21Jon Diforia187310191311111324.281.67
22Luke McCarthy210003212003.502.50
23Rob Rota18.2811129211211904.502.14
25Robbie DeBenedictus3510610432219112123.801.54
27William Gilbert12.25020766121223.321.50
29Dom Beradi210002101100.001.50
33Spencer Lodes35.28620341915164932.941.40
35Tristan Sarcone15.27700192214192536.262.43
44Joe Coppola85000122117134614.883.13
62AJ Rizzi420004433115.251.75