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Winter Workout Recap

The 2018 New York Nine Winter Workout/Tryout has gotten off to a great start, as over 70 dedicated, quality student-athletes have joined us in preparation for their upcoming baseball seasons. With a wide range in age, this year’s participants are among some of the most athletic and projectable in recent memory.

After a dynamic warmup players were broken into small instructional groups and rotated between stations under the watchful eye of Nine coordinators, coaches and guest instructors. Former Yankees farmhand, Mariel Checo and Blue Jays farmhand, Francisco Gracesqui led the pitchers in a full workout including pre and post throwing arm care, as well as instructing the short bullpens. Josh Herzenberg, former Nine hurler, Texas area Scout and Rancho Cucamonga coach for the LA Dodgers assisted in the instruction and mechanical adjusting of our young hurlers. Queensborough CC pitching coach Alex Pangourelias worked individually with pitchers on proper mechanics. Queensborough CC Head Coach Roger Mischel focused players with positive visualization and mental preparedness techniques and drills, as well as a full high impact end of practice conditioning set.

Former A’s Area Scout Marcus Cayenne adjusted player approaches at the tee station as well as implemented and oversaw multiple drills which emphasized coordination and athleticism. Organizational hitting coordinator and projected 2018 major leaguer, Viosergy Rosa along with Juan Miguel Torres worked with infielders on proper approaches, body positioning, footwork and throwing mechanics. Rosa then worked with players individually on hitting approach. Fernelys Sanchez, former Braves organizational member and current co-director of player development, broke down proper outfield play and implemented frontline outfield drills. Sanchez also worked with players on their swing paths and achieving violence in the hitting zone. Flushing Head Coach Joe Gerloven and Bayside HS Assistant Coach Kevin Brown worked with players on offensive approaches and helped make needed adjustments.

It’s always enjoyable to see talented student-athletes hard at work sharpening their skills and having fun doing it.

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2017/2018 New York Nine Mini Camp & Winter Workout

As the snow season approaches, the New York Nine would like to officially announce our 2017/2018 Mini Camp and Winter Workout/Tryout.

The Mini Camp will be two sessions in December and will be the perfect opportunity to get back to work under the watchful eye of our coaches and guest instructors. It is also a time to work with our pro players who are home and preparing for their upcoming seasons and get your winter baseball fix in a safe environment, mindful of the off-season injury risks. At this time of year if a professional player isn’t doing something, you shouldn’t either.

We will focus on good reps with offensive and defensive adjustments made by the coaching staff. Pitchers will learn how to get stronger physically and mechanically in a way that will prepare them for the upcoming season while not taxing their arms during this recovery time period.

There will be a dynamic warm up and cool down as well as full sets of offseason conditioning. This will be a mini (camp) version of the acclaimed winter workout which follows in January and early February.

You do not have to be a member of the Nine, nor want to participate in the following summer to attend.

The Mini Camp will take place on December 10 and 17th from 8 am until 10 am.

The cost for the mini camp is $150. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to register and follow instructions for payment.

Our Winter Workout/Tryout is designed to improve an athlete’s skills and prepare them for the upcoming 2018 season. Our premium instructors will run drills which set and build upon the baseball foundation athletes need to succeed.

All potential New York Nine members will have the opportunity to showcase their tools, skills, desire to play the game and work ethic throughout the workout. Athletes will be analyzed by MLB scouts, front office personnel and college head coaches.

You do not have to be looking to play for the Organization for the upcoming summer season, just looking to join us for what has been deemed by many as the area’s best off-season clinic.

More information and sign up below:

Location & Dates:

email for info

Sunday January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11

All Players:

6:30 pm – 9 pm


The winter workout fee is $395 for 6 weeks of either the offense/defense or pitching component. If you wish to participate in both components add $100.

Catchers will participate in both components at no extra charge.

If you sign up for both the Mini Camp & Winter Workout, you will get a $50 discount.


To reserve your space at the workout, fill out the form below and follow directions for payment.

Winter Update & Winter Workout News

As the winter continues, with temperatures in the low-60s, the New York Nine wanted to officially announce that the 2016 winter workout/tryout will take place at Riesenberg Gymnasium at SUNY Maritime. The 1,200 person arena has recently had a new floor installed. The gym affords us a high quality, well lit, large space to help you get the most out of our winter workout.

As the second mini-camp has concluded, the New York Nine coaches and pro staff were thrilled with the effort of our participants. It is great to see the both New York Nine members and New York Nine hopefuls dedicating themselves for a solid three hours special info. Unfortunately, it is too late to join us for this year’s mini-camp, but there is still availability at the winter workout/tryout next month.

A very happy holiday season to all of our New York Nine players, alumni and their families, as well as everyone who checks in on the organization and its members. 

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2015 Winter Workout/Tryout Update

Week three of the New York Nine Winter Workout/Tryout heated up indoors while nature delivered icy conditions outside. Over the first three workouts we have seen over 100 New York Nine hopefuls absorbing as much information as possible from our first rate instructors and actualizing it through training and drills. Offensively players have been working both in the cage and on the tee focusing specifically on approach, spacing, mechanics and directional hitting. Players have prepped and worked defensively using position specific drills and implementing techniques provided by skilled coaches. Catchers have donned the tools of ignorance and been put through the grueling paces by three top catching instructors, working on both basic and advanced skills.

Lastly, Pitchers have enjoyed their complete workout and everything from dry mechanics and PFPs to long toss and flat ground timed pens under the watchful eye of an individual pitching coach. Everything done here is designed in a way to prepare a player for the long haul of the upcoming season. Over the next two weeks, our front office will begin narrowing down invites to join team rosters. Great job making the decisions very difficult!

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Winter Update & Greg Morhardt Player Evaluations

As the winter months creep along, the good news is New York Nine baseball is getting underway. This past Saturday night at Pro Swing in Port Chester, athletes began to shake the rust of the offseason under the watchful eye and tutelage of our outstanding coaching staff. Players were actively warmed up and received a full conditioning set prior to departing for the evening. Defensive specifics were worked on as infielders, catchers and outfielders worked on mechanics and position specific drills. With James Mondesir, pitchers worked on dry mechanics and will do proper offseason work in the upcoming two weeks. Position players were working on their swings at one of our stations emphasizing a different offensive activity. There is still limited space available in the upcoming two weeks, as the workouts continue on Saturday Dec 13 and 20 from 6-8pm. Email us at info@newyorknine.org to reserve one of the last spots.

For the next 2 weeks in Port Chester, we are also lucky enough to have Greg Morhardt, the discovering and signing scout of the planet’s best player, Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, with us doing individual player evaluations. Morhardt will be doing a limited number of evaluations on behalf or Elite Guidance. There is an additional fee per individual participant to be evaluated. Email us at info@newyorknine.org to reserve your spot and be professionally evaluated by “the best talent evaluator I have ever been around” – Jeff Trout, father of Mike.

Our acclaimed winter workout/tryout which takes place at the beautiful and spacious Brunswick School on the New York Border is quickly filling up. We will not overpopulate the workout to make sure each athlete gets the proper coaching and attention they need. We have already surpassed 75% capacity, so if you are looking to join us on Sundays in January and into February please register by clicking here.

2015 New York Nine Winter Workout At Brunswick

In addition to the Workout at Pro Swing, each year The New York Nine is proud to run our acclaimed Winter Workout/Tryout. The Winter Workout/Tryout is designed to improve an athlete’s skills and prepare them for the upcoming season. Our premium instructors will run innovative drills which set and build upon the baseball foundation all athletes need to succeed. The workout is held at the spacious Brunswick gymnasium where we will work on offense, defense, pitching, catching and game approach in small group settings.

Because we believe that conditioning is a vital part of baseball, Next Level Speed will work with us to lead our dynamic warm up, cool downs, stretching and individual athlete care.

All potential New York Nine members will have the opportunity to showcase their tools, skills, desire to play the game and work ethic throughout the workout. Athletes will be analyzed by MLB scouts, front office personnel and college head coaches.

Any athlete age 10 and up is eligible to join us at the Winter Workout/Tryout and improve their skills even if they are not a member of the New York Nine or are not interested in trying out. Registration is limited so sign up today!

Instructors include (subject to availability):

Greg Morhardt (Northeast Scouting Supervisor, Cross-Checker, Atlanta Braves), Michael Pesce (Northeast Scouting Supervisor, New York Mets), Nick Gorneault (Northeast Scouting Supervisor, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Ian Millman (President New York Nine, Associate Scout Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Stanley Latimer (Manager Showcase Team), Michael Mondesir (Dominican College), Alex Kritzer (SUNY Plattsburgh), Gabriel Guerrero (Queens College), Chris Petraglia (Principle Next Level Speed, Athletic Trainer), Eric Alessio (Cincinnati Reds), Mike Antonio (Kansas City Royals), Alibay Barkley (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Jonathan Bobea (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Mariel Checo (Kansas City Royals), Keith Couch (Boston Red Sox), Brawlin Gomez (Kansas City Royals), Franklyn Gracesqui (Florida Marlins), Francisco Gracesqui (Toronto Blue Jays), George Isabel (New York Yankees), Thomas Koehler (Miami Marlins), Brandon McNelis (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), James Mondesir (St. Louis Cardinals), TJ Rivera (New York Mets), Jean Carlos Rodriguez (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Viosergy Rosa (Miami Marlins), Anthony Smith (Arizona Diamondbacks), Melvin Garcia (Toronto Blue Jays), Chris Reardon (Head Coach Queens College), Josh Herzenberg (Scout Arizona Diamondbacks), Kevin Watkins (St. Johns University), Kelvin Espinosa (Alfred Parker), Joe Berardi (Concordia College)


Brunswick School – 1252 King St, Greenwich, CT 06831


Sunday January 4, 11, 18, 25, February 1


For Players Born:
After May 1, 2000 – 8:30 am to 10:45 am
Before May 1, 2000 – 1:45 pm to 4:00 pm

All Pitchers w/Catchers:

11:00 am to 1:30 pm


Early bird Registration before November 5, 2014: Either component (Offense/defense or Pitching) is $495. If you wish to participate in the pitching component along with Offense/Defense add $100.

After November 5, 2014: Either Component (Offense /Defense or Pitching) is $595. If you wish to participate in the pitching component along with Offense/Defense add $100.

Catchers will participate in both components but will only pay for one.


To reserve your space at the workout, fill out the form below and follow directions for payment.

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New York Nine Moves Winter Workout to Brunswick School

The New York Nine organization has decided to reclocate their reknowned winter clinic/tryout camp to the modern and spacious Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut. Brunswick offers a first rate facility in a more convenient location. Nine President Ian Millman called the move a “no brainer” as “many of our current and potential players have made the trip from Westchester and beyond over the bridge since 2006. This is an opportunity for us to make the workout more accessible to our student athletes who otherwise have been unable to attend in the past due to travel constraints”. There is no doubt we will fill up quickly as many new Nine hopefuls have already inquired about the winter. Please complete an interest form and stay tuned to the website, Twitter and Facebook for updates and we look forward to seeing you this January and February at The Brunswick School!