Our Fall Baseball Philosophy

The New York Nine takes a very specific approach when it comes to our fall program. Since the fall of each year holds a different meaning or level of importance at each age, we try to achieve multiple goals within a limited time frame.

First, we are firm believers in the importance of education and achieving high scholastic marks possible, so we do not mandate any midweek activity in the fall, which allows our student athletes to focus on their studies. We are also understanding of fall sports, especially at the younger ages, and we encourage student athletes to be well rounded and participate in other activities. As long as there is communication between player and the coach/organization there are no issues with multi-sport athletes in the fall.

Second, the fall offers extended game looks for all of our participants. The fall offers a multi week snapshot of a players present skills and future projection. All of our players are going to be coached by multiple head coaches from within the organization during the fall season, allowing a fair and solid assessment from a variety of coaches.

Third, each schedule is also specific to the time of year and needs of the specific athlete. At the development age of 14u, we will have a 2 1/2 hour college level practice each weekend, making sure our players are learning the skills needed to successfully play baseball and not just perform at showcases as they get older. There will also be a doubleheader scheduled the other day of the weekend and select tournaments.

At the 16u age group there will be a full slate of weekend doubleheaders along with select tournaments. There will also be showcasing events in which players will be participating in front of many collegiate programs and professional scouts. Select players will participate in the perfect game underclass event in Fort Myers, Florida. Also, we are one of 40 clubs nationwide who are invited to participate in the The Arizona Fall Classic 18u, where over 150 schools and professional scouts attend. Many of our 16u players will be participating at 18u for the fall to test their skill level against more seasoned senior athletes, as well as being regularly assessed by the coaches of our showcase and scout teams.

At 18u, we offer an aggressive schedule against the areas top programs. This allows our players to see where they match up against players from the area. In addition, we have selected a very strong tournament schedule including the Perfect Game Northeast Qualifier (for select players), the Victor Alegretti Fall Showcase, The Arizona Senior Fall Classic, the WWBA Perfect Game National Championships in Jupiter, Florida (if qualified) and the Sal Agostinelli Fall Scout Showcase, among other hand selected events. This premium level of game play and showcasing affords our players multiple looks by the collegiate and professional communities.

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