New York Nine Fall 2018 Schedules Posted

The Fall schedules are now posted. Please clink the links below for your team schedule.

18u Schedule
15u Schedule
12u Schedule
10u Schedule

And as always, here is our fall philosophy:

The New York Nine takes a very specific approach when it comes to our fall baseball program. We believe the fall is a time for player development and an extra focus on academic success. We want players to learn both the skills needed to successfully play baseball and perform at showcases as they get older. We also know that without solid grades, athletic options become limited.

Our development process is focused on creating a pro-style learning environment for our players. This setting allows our coaches to help refine baseball skills specific to each individual player to help maximize every player’s abilities. Beyond skill-specific practice sessions, our athletes will participate in doubleheaders to continue learning how to translate their continuously refined skillsets into competition.

We are firm believers in the importance of education and achieving high scholastic marks possible, so we do not mandate any midweek activity in the fall, which allows our student-athletes to focus on their studies. We understand the importance of athleticism and participation in other fall sports, especially at the younger ages, and we encourage student-athletes to participate in other activities. As long as there is communication between player and the coach/organization there are no issues with multi-sport athletes in the fall.

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