2015 Winter Workout/Tryout Update

Week three of the New York Nine Winter Workout/Tryout heated up indoors while nature delivered icy conditions outside. Over the first three workouts we have seen over 100 New York Nine hopefuls absorbing as much information as possible from our first rate instructors and actualizing it through training and drills. Offensively players have been working both in the cage and on the tee focusing specifically on approach, spacing, mechanics and directional hitting. Players have prepped and worked defensively using position specific drills and implementing techniques provided by skilled coaches. Catchers have donned the tools of ignorance and been put through the grueling paces by three top catching instructors, working on both basic and advanced skills.

Lastly, Pitchers have enjoyed their complete workout and everything from dry mechanics and PFPs to long toss and flat ground timed pens under the watchful eye of an individual pitching coach. Everything done here is designed in a way to prepare a player for the long haul of the upcoming season. Over the next two weeks, our front office will begin narrowing down invites to join team rosters. Great job making the decisions very difficult!

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